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New Genius Ltd, established in 1992 specializes, in the design, production and promotion of health jewelries. Our brands is presented specifically and known in the global market. The Noproblem Marks have been used for many years as from 2004 in connection with promotion of Noproblem products and as part of an extensive licensing program on a wide variety of merchandise relating to and promoting Noproblem. As a result,the Noproblem Marks are known throughout the world as identifying Noproblem and its products. Bio magnetic Therapy Products, Ion balance Health products all relate to the core products as Products using magnetism for the healing and strengthening our immunity and metabolic system.

Our idea behind selling and promoting Magnetic Therapy Products is to let more and more people strengthen their immunity using simple solutions adding beauty to their personality. Magnetic Health Devices are very simple to use and maintain. Our Negative Ion Balance Health bracelet also used as sports bracelets.


Magnetic Therapy Products

Today, many Magnetic Therapy Products are available online. Various E-commerce companies are selling Magnetic Health Bracelets online. We have sports bracelets available at economical price.

US Ion Balance Health Device

Magnetic Bracelets are certified as Health Device as it helps in many ways Better Concentration, ion balance, improved sleep, stress reduction, Energy, Strength, Pain Reduction etc.

Better Concentration

Concentration requires a great amount of effort and time. Keep yourself away from all disturbing negative vibes.

ion balance

our positive ions are daily basis,causing severe damage on a cellular level. Save your positive ions, use our products.

improved sleep

Following healthy sleeping habits can make the difference between restlessness and restful slumber.

stress reduction

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the high levels of stress lead to serious health problems.


Everyone of us has surely experienced this once. Enter some place and you feel better in whatever condition your are.


Our body strength is our capability to move in every hard circumstance. A body can work perfectly if we are emotionally and physically strengthen.

Pain Reduction

Any pain in the body is disturbing. Our body when relaxed and healthy can work productively.


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The Noproblem Marks are known throughout the world as identifying Noproblem and its products.This trademark has been registered in 14 countries.


Noproblem Health Device

Better Concentration 

Ion Balance  

Improved Sleep  

Stress Reduction  



Pain Reduction